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ICCA Association Meetings Programme - AMP

A unique training programme which focuses on research, sales and marketing in the meetings industry.
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The Association Meetings Programme (AMP) is ICCA’s new annual event, where ICCA members and international association executives will learn from each other and from a top faculty of experts about key aspects of bidding and decision-making, organising, promoting, and designing international association meetings. It is replacing the old Research, Sales and Marketing Programme (RSMP), which was open to ICCA members only.

Where the ICCA Congress attracts mainly participants from senior management and is focused on strategic issues, the ICCA Association Meetings Programme has a more practical, operational focus. The latter attracts beginners and middle management, mostly generation X and Y with less than 8 years experience in the meetings industry.

For more information on the upcoming the ICCA Programmes please visit the Events & Education section.

Who should attend?

ICCA member sales and marketing mid-level managers working with international associations through research, bidding, sales, marketing, ambassador programmes, or who provide organisational or technical services for these meetings, who want to:

  • Deepen their knowledge of association meetings.

  • Join high-level education with a chance to network with prospective clients, hearing first hand about their objectives, working culture and needs.

  • Learn about latest trends and share best-practices.

There will be relevant content for all Sectors: Destination Marketing, Venues, Meetings Management, Transport and Meetings Support.

AMP’s programme is not aimed at CEOs and other top strategists (the education at the Congress is more relevant for this audience), but senior client-facing directors will also be welcome. AMP’s educational topics will be just as relevant to past RSMP delegates, but will appeal to a wider range of ICCA members, especially those based outside Europe.

Association executives who are involved in negotiating, planning and/or running international association meetings, and who want to:

  • Exchange knowledge with destination partners and other association executives.

  • Share their views on how to improve these strategic partnerships.

  • Keep themselves up to date with the latest issues related to selecting and working with destinations and the destination team members.

 Provisional topics

The programme is still being designed, but will include a range of subjects that are relevant for both ICCA members and association executives:
• Congress bidding and decision-making, seen from multiple perspectives.
• Delivering associations’ meeting-related and beyond-meeting-related objectives
• Local ambassadors – understanding their potential value to both association HQs and local suppliers
• Risk management challenges (especially when booking meetings years in advance)
• Delegate boosting/event marketing tips and tricks
• Finding sponsors for association meetings, delivering sponsor value
• Using meeting design concepts to improve ROI at association meetings
• Does my website “suck”? Hard-talk honest feedback on ICCA members’ sales and marketing.
• Partnerships, innovative business & financial models
• Communicating the value of meetings – association and destination perspectives
• Business cultures and other barriers to collaboration
• Transfer of trust (how to turn relationships built on one-off events into long-term value)
• Creating new events – opportunities for associations and destinations
• Disruptive changes (eg AirBnB) at international association meetings – impact on associations and suppliers

ICCA Data Workshop
Intensive online skills and strategies training using ICCA Data products. The workshop is aimed at both beginners and more advanced users.
Business Exchange
Exchanging valuable potential leads on association meetings with fellow researchers. You will get:
• Information on association clients and events
• Background details on decision-making processes and budgets
• An opportunity to collect potential leads for your destination/venue
A unique opportunity to extend your network with peers from within the industry.
For More Information:
Email Mieke van Loenen
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