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ICCA Events
What is important to know to be able to join the networking event "Associations Connect" at ibtm world?

Can I invite potential clients?
ONLY send to clients whose events you have already hosted or provided services for, or with whom you have a contract for future events. DO NOT send to clients whose future business you want: your ICCA colleagues who have hosted their events in the past will be inviting these individuals.

What are the criteria for clients to join the ibtm world Hosted Buyer Programme?
Clients MUST have at least one international event which rotates between three or more countries.
What is the registration deadline?
The registration deadline for Associations Connect is 25 September 2017. This is also the deadline for sending invitations to clients.
What if the clients I invite cannot attend ibtm world as hosted buyers?
Your clients do not need to register for the Hosted Buyer Programme for you to participate in "Associations Connect" - the fact you have invited them is sufficient demonstration of your support and commitment to the initiative.
What does it cost to attend?
Associations Connect is free of charge.
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