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ICCA member venues decide to push forward with zero food waste initiative

ICCA member venues decide to push forward with zero food waste initiative
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Frankfurt, 15 May 2018 -- During the most recent Sector Meeting for ICCA Venues, held in Frankfurt just before the start of the annual meeting industry trade show IMEX 2018, a working group made up of ICCA member venues agreed to carry on with the project they began to investigate how the meeting sector can contribute to a reduction of food leftovers, putting their interpretation of IMEX 2018’s ‘Legacy’ theme into practice.

The decision to extend the project, named Too Good To Waste, came after 17 successful test interviews were conducted with ICCA member meeting venues from across the world. The interviews gave venues the opportunity to share their recommended best practices in the reduction of food waste and helped to finalise the survey questions for wider distribution. The interviewers not only heard about venues’ internal best practices, but also found that member venues already collaborate with clients and local stakeholders on food-saving projects. For example, in various ICCA Congress destinations, many charity organisations work together with member venues to distribute food leftovers from meetings and events among the less fortunate and homeless citizens.

Due to this initial success, ICCA members at the Sector Meeting in Frankfurt decided to extend the project to all 366 members of the Venue Sector. They will be invited to share their best practices by means of a global survey, which they will receive within the next four weeks.

The Too Good To Waste project has three main goals. As the first part of the project, the survey aims to map out what members have already done to reduce food waste and what possible improvements could be made in the future. Firstly, member venues will be asked to describe how they handle client interaction, record historic information, study attendee demographics and properly predict expected attendance figures. Secondly, the survey will investigate clever and creative solutions that executive chefs and kitchen staff at ICCA venues have come up with to manage food production, and how they keep production levels as close as possible to expected levels of consumption. Thirdly, the survey will try to map out how Food and Beverage Managers and staff at ICCA venues have embraced logistics procedures that make sure enough food is served at different functions without risking the occurrence of leftovers.

The second part of the project aims to measure and encourage the responsible distribution of food leftovers in case they do occur. The test interviews amongst the 17 ICCA members showed that there are substantial regional differences when it comes to this practice. The interviewers found that, interestingly, in those parts of the world where food redistribution could assist the less privileged, systems to encourage it have not yet been developed and implemented on a wide scale. Therefore, ICCA members across the world could potentially make a big difference to the reduction of waste and redistribution of food by sharing not only their own best practices, but also the lessons that can be learned from the charities they work with on existing projects.

In addition, the working group hopes to use this project to create awareness about the reduction of food waste among members’ clients and associations. To do this, not only will the survey results be released to users of the ICCA Association Portal when they become available, but the associations who use the Portal have also decided to conduct a survey amongst themselves to find out what their contributions to the project can be.

The working group of ICCA members coordinating Too Good To Waste hopes to conclude the global survey within the next couple of months. They will report back to the ICCA membership before or during the annual ICCA Congress, held this year in Dubai from 11-14 November 2018.


For more information on Too Good To Waste, please contact:

Mr. Ronaldo Cardano
Chapter and Sector Executive, ICCA
Telephone: +31 20 398 1919

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